Confederate Reunion
City of Hillsboro The Annual Feast of the Possum & Taters Confederate Reunion

Confederate Navy Jack: Used as a navy jack at sea from 1863 onward.
This flag has become the generally recognized symbol of the South.

These are men that served in the Confederate Army.
They use to have a reunion until they all died off.
They ended up settling in Hill County.

T.L. Epting Co. K South Carolia

W.A. Setuggs 32nd Texas Co.B

Geo. Y. Tarver Co. K Youngs Regiment 8th Texas Infantry

J.N. Evans Lane's Battallion Hill's Corps Army of N. Virginia

W.A. Watson Co.E 7th South Carolina

J.H. Wilson Co.B 7th Mississippi Cavalry

T.J. Breeding Co.A 1st Tennessee Regiment Cavalry

J.M. Barrett C0.I 7th Tennessee Cavalry

J.F. Womack Co.K 4th Louisiana Cavalry

W.L. McKee Co.C 18th Mississippi Regiment Infantry

J.T. Bobbitt 36th Virginia Battallion Co.C

J.D. Turner Co.E 20th Alabama Regiment Infantry

W.T. Hunt Co.A Cook's Regiment Heavy Artillary S.Carolina

D.G. McKiseck Co.G Brasher's Regiment Arkansas

W.A. Tatom Co.H 11th Mississippi Cavalry

W.M. Rivers Co.H 9th Tennessee Cavalry

Wm. Eagans Co.G 12th Regiment Texas

W.W. McDonald Co.F Texas Cavalry

Z.T. Hubbard Co.I 7th Alabama Regiment Cavalry

N. Maxfield Texas Ranger of 1865

T.H. Willis Co.E 16th Georgia Regiment Cavalry

S.B. Greenhill Co.A Stuart's Battalion Alabama

J.T. Sykes Co.H 40th North Carolina Battalion

A.B. Cheatham 8th Missouri Cavalry

J.W. Manney Co.A 2nd.Louisiana Regiment Infantry

J.M. McDaniel Co.II J.Z. Georgia Legion, Mississippi Troops
A Battles Alabama Regiment Infantry

F.M. Brown Co.F 19th Tennessee Cavalry

Tam Brooks Co.E 3rd Confederate Cavalry

A.J. Pascal Co.C 37th Georgia Regiment Infantry

R.H. Gee Co.A 12th Texas Regiment Cavalry

J.W. Morrison Co.A 12th Texas Regiment Cavalry

J.M. Varnell Co.H 16th Tennessee Regiment Cavalry

? A. Curry Co.E. 11th Alabama Regient Infantry

W.L. Cutbersoff Co.G 9th GeorgiaRegiment Infantry

F.M. Off Co.E 26th Mississippi Regiment Infantry

L.G. Hughes

W.H. Dixon Alexander's Light Artillary Virginia

R. Rutherford Co.G 2nd Tennessee Cavalry

T.R. McDonald Co.D 26th Alabama Regiment Infantry